O&M Original & Mineral

O&M Original & Mineral’s vision is to bring nature and luxury together in a line of hair color, care and styling products that are safe, effective and beautiful to use.

Their formulations replace harsh chemicals with active natural extracts and minerals, including native Australian ingredients like Lilly Pilly, Banksia Flower, Quandong, Tasmanian Kelp and Kakadu Plum, as well as quality essential oils that deliver real benefits.

The founders of O&M Original & Mineral have always been passionate about natural products, wellbeing, and beauty. When they saw firsthand how harsh chemical products harm hairdressers and clients, they knew they could make a difference with O&M.

From The Founders

“My former partner, a hairdresser, suffered from contact dermatitis, making it impossible for him to use conventional hair color. Together, we opened the first ammonia-free salon in Australia nearly two decades ago. It attracted a progressive clientele and gave me the confidence to take the O&M vision further.”

O&M Original & Mineral

“In 2010, I added O&M Method, our care and the styling line. Packaged luxuriously, these products have a Free From Five formulation – no harmful sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, MIT or Triclosan.

They’re PETA approved cruelty-free for their vegan-friendly, high-performing natural ingredients, and sit on the shelves of top salons and boutique retailers around the world.”

Groundbreaking Color

“In 2013, O&M did what many chemists said was impossible, when we developed Clean Colour Technology – permanent professional hair color with zero ammonia, PPD or resorcinol. It was a groundbreaker that performed with no smell or fumes while giving results to match conventional hair color.

Now, with the help of world-leading chemists, we’ve evolved again. The world is changing, and low-chemical and natural technology is leading the way.”

Our Mission

“Our mission to provide the cleanest professional color in the world led us to a progressive new coloring approach, Molecular Blend Technology. In MBT, pre-linked color pigments supported by two nourishing hero complexes give incredible vibrancy, shine, longevity, and protection. We call it O&M CØR.color.

And of course – as the name suggests – it stays true to our core promise: zero ammonia, PPD or resorcinol.

Original & Mineral is a complete salon solution, made for hairdressers by hairdressers. We’re a band of rule-breakers and pioneers, committed to making the world safer and more beautiful – and having fun while we do it. We’d love you to join us.”

O&M Original & Mineral
O&M Original & Mineral

What Are These Chemicals And How Can They Be Harmful?

Paraphenylenediamine is a chemical substance that is widely and traditionally used as a permanent hair dye. People who are highly allergic to PPD have not been able to dye their hair with traditional hair color.

Known as a possible carcinogen
Allergies to PPD are common and reactions include dermatitis, reddening and swelling of the scalp and face.

In some severe allergy cases the eyelids may completely close and can result in contact urticaria and anaphylaxis.

Used as a coloring agent and is also commonly found in topical acne treatments.

Suspected to be an endocrine toxicity hazard
Suspected to be a human immune system toxicant
Suspected to be toxic to wildlife and the environment

A chemical that swells the hair cuticle so that color can be absorbed all the way through the hair.

Unpleasant odor
Many people become allergic due to exposure and suffer from itchy scalps and watery/red eyes while getting their hair colored.