No to Single Use Plastic

Let’s all say NO to single-use plastic. At Oway we choose glass and aluminum

Cutlery and plates, straws, cotton swabs, and beverage mixers: these are some of the disposable plastic products considered the most polluting for the planet that as of 2019 will be strictly regulated by new European Commission’s directives, which will prohibit or restrict its use where fully eco-sustainable alternatives are available.Let’s all say no to single-use plastic.

70% of sea pollution

These products collectively account for as much as 70% of sea pollution, everyday objects that all of us have used and thrown away after a single-use, not fully aware of the damage caused to the entire ecosystem over the years.

Oway is 100% Recyclable

Each of us can contribute to reducing the amount of plastic we use over the course of the day. At Organic Way, we have abolished plastic from containers since 2013 by using only 100% recyclable, infinitely reusable glass and aluminum packaging for all OW products.

No to Single Use Plastic